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RingMail: phone network for the Internet era.

RingMail enables making calls using an email address or domain name instead of dialing a phone number.

FAST - Download the app and you’re ready to go. Just log in with an existing email account and stay in touch with friends anywhere.

EASY - You’ve already got enough to remember. No new PINs, usernames or BuddyLists to create. Just log in with an existing email. RingMail integrates seamlessly with your phone’s address book so you can instantly add the contacts you speak with most.

FREE - Make FREE international or domestic calls to your friends and family. No hidden rates or fees. Get high quality audio and video calls and stay close to the people you love.

* Mobile calls use your Internet data plan.


The RingMail App connects you on the go.

Download the free RingMail App for iOS.

How to make a call on RingMail?

It's easy to get started with RingMail. Just register your email or domain.
Confirm that the email or domain is owned by you and people will be able to call you.

RingMail Features
  • Free Internet-Based Calling, Texting and Video Conferencing

  • iPhone App with Open Source License; GitHub Source

  • SIP-compatible with VoIP Phones, Asterisk & Other PBX

  • Forward your inbound calls to:

    • The RingMail App
    • Your Phone Number
    • Any VoIP Phone
    • VoIP PBX (SIP-compatible)

RingMail is brought to you by:

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We started the RingMail project to build a communications network that takes full advantage of the Internet. We believe in a better way to communicate.

The phone network has not fundementally changed since it was invented a hundred years ago. The phone network has been digitized with Voice over IP (VoIP) but the structure of the network is just a digital copy of the old network. It's time to change that! Help us build a new phone network that leverages the new capabilities offered by the Internet like free calling to anywhere, and communicating in new ways that were never possible before.

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